Is a written order (a "writ") from a magistrate such as a
Justice of the Peace, directed to a peace officer
commanding the officer to take the body of a person
accused of an offense and to be dealt with in a specific
manner according to the law.  Many Justice Court warrants
are a result of a failure to appear in court, traffic violations,
"hot" checks, truancy, and child support violations
received from the Texas Attorney General's Office.
Is a writ issued by the court or clerk and directed "To
any peace officer of the State of Texas," commanding
him/her to arrest a person accused of an offense and
bring the person before that court immediately or on a
day or at a term stated in the writ.  A capias can order
a peace officer (such as a Constable) to take into
custody a person in a civil case for appearance in
court to answer the plaintiff's declaration.
Do you want to avoid arrest and stay out of jail?
              If an arrest warrant or capias has been issued against you,             
contact the Precinct One Constable Department.  

We will work with you to determine if you
can avoid the embarrassment of being arrested
and going to jail.  This might include enabling
you to post a bond or clearing an erroneous warrant.

El Paso County Constable
Precinct One